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This is entire volume is dedicated to the Golden Age career of artist Alex Toth, who actively participated in the production of this book. Starting off behind a brand-new, never-before-seen Toth cover, We get an indepth and profusely-illustrated overview of Alex’s work at Dell Publications, including his movie/TV adaptations like The Land Unkown, Seahunt, Disney’s Clint and Mac, The Lennon Sisters, Darby O’Gill and The Little People, The Real McCoys, Oh, Susanna, Danny Thomas ; and special focus on 77 Sunset Strip. Then, it’s Alex’s work on Roy Rogers and other big and small-screen stars, including Frontier Doctor, Maverick, and Sugarfoot. Next, a full-story reprint from Buster Crabbe Comics, ” Invisible Monsters of Callisto”, followed by Harry Thomas’s extensive article on Alex’s Western work, on Johnny Thunder and other strips; “Thunder In The West”. A complete checklist of all the Toth reprints that AC Comics has printed follows that, then another rare full-story reprint- the VERY rare “Danny Dreams”. Finally, an illustrated article on Alex’s “dog days”- his work on Streak, The Wonder Dog, and Rex, The Wonder Dog. There have been many books and articles on Toth’s work appearing over the last few years; this book takes on projects not discussed in those other venues. Excellent text on little-seen aspects of Toth’s carrer, written by comics historian, Bill Black. 52 pages, black & white with color covers; standard comic-book size, printed in 2004


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