September 14, 2011

Femzine 2

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Hold onto your hats, guys; as Fanny Phantom bursts onto the scene. This former exotic dancer has been done over as a costumed crimefighter by the sorceress Morgan LeFey. After being transformed into a 70 fiit tall giantess, she is captured by the evil Panda who uses her body as a model for an array of giant sized female Commie commandos. In the second story, The Blonde Bomber enters the castle stronghold of Sadana to free enslaved girls only to become a victim herself, until turning the tables on the evil villainess. Both features are never-before-seen, newly written and illustrated comic stories by the incomparable Bill Black. A photo tribute to beautiful screen actress Lois Hamilton makes this book a visual delight. 44 pages, black and white with color covers; 7″ X 8 1/2″ format. Printed in 2002