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Jungle Girls 12

Jungle Girls 12

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Yet more vintage Golden Age jungle glamour, cover to cover!! See Fiction House beauties like Tiger Girl, as rendered by Matt(Sky Girl)Baker, in “Might Of The Zalaka Pygmies”, and Camilla , by Bob Lubbers in “Greed And the Ancient Caves”, and a breathtaking Robert H. Webb -illustrated Sheena, Queen Of The Jungle tale, “Animal Cages Of The Slave Women”! Then, it’s Nyoka Of The Jungle in “The Last Of The Slavers”. Plus, a special bonus two-page preview of the upcoming new series to debut in an upcomong JG, teaming up Tara, Cave Girl, Nyoka, Tygra and Princess Pantha, in all-new adventures- Tales Of Taragonia.(later changed to Wild Side) Art by Nick Northey and Mark Heike. Superb, sexy, pinup style “good girl art” throughout. Color cover , interiors are black and white with graytones. Printed in 1993.

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