Men of Mystery Spotlight Special 1 Nedor Heroes

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Men of Mystery Special Focuses exclusively on this Pulp magazine influenced line, 96 pgs Alex Schomburg (Xela) cover with full story reprints of The Black Terror, Fighting Yank, Doc Strange, Miss Masque, Princess Pantha and more as drawn by Mort Meskin, Jerry Robinson,George Tuska, Frank Frazetta and Artie Saaf. Plus text history of the company, capsule descriptions of all of the Nedor superheros and a tale starring The Woman in Red (the first female superheroine from May of 1940!) The most comprehesive book on Nedor ever published! June 2001


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One thought on “Men of Mystery Spotlight Special 1 Nedor Heroes
  1. Mark Holmes

    Revived by Will Meugniot for his N.E.D.O.R. Agents back up feature in modern FemForce comics, it’s neat to see these heroes, and heroines in original action. I was pretty familiar with the most popular heroes like Black Terror, Fighting Yank and Miss Masque. Pyroman and Doc Strange are cool also. However Nedor’s jungle girl Princess Pantha really stood out. I was vaguely familiar with her character from the long lost Jungle Girls: Wild Side series, she seemed to be just another jungle girl from a long line of generic stereotypes. After reading the story presented here my opinion changed. The story starts off with the Princess wearing standard modern day boots, jodhpurs and a blouse. Very practical clothing. In the heat of the action she takes time to change into her jungle girl costume! That’s my kind of girl 🙂