Golden Age Men of Mystery 16

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This issue features two double length action stories Fawcett’s Mr. Scarlet and Pinky must solve the mystery of “The Runaway Room”, as drawn by Jack Binder for America’s Greatest Comics #7, in 1943; then it’s Airboy from Hillman Publications in “Monsters From The Ice”, featuring one of his most memorable enemies, Zzed. This story originally appeared in Airboy #76, and is drawn by Ernie Schroeder.Then, it’s “Bulletman Vs. The Torpedo”, with art by Harry Anderson, from Master Comics circa 1945, and two special treats- future Mad creator Harvey Kurtzman tries his hand at a superhero on Buckskin, in “Barn Of The Doomed”, from a 1943 issue of Ace Publications’ Super Mystery Comics, AND a Phantom Lady story that was DRAWN for her mid-50’s Ajax/Farrel run, BUT NEVER BEFORE PRINTED ANYWHERE-“Two Times Zero” This inventory story was left over after the title was cancelled in the ’50’s, and we aquired the original art!! A rare find indeed. Color covers, interiors are black and white with graytones. 52-page standard comic book format. Printed in 1999.


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