Golden Age Men of Mystery 4

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WE APOLOGIZE, BUT THIS BOOK IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!! Classic Masked crimefighters from the 1940’s are resurrected and reprinted in crystal clarity as part of AC’s preservation of the history of comic books. Here’s a thrilling adventure of Fox Feature’s The Flame by the legendary Lou Fine, from Wonderworld #6, Fawcett Comics’ Commando Yank “Takes A Vacation” from Whiz Comics #102, as drawn by Carl Pfeufer. Captain Flash, of Sterling Comics fame, faces “The Black Knight in a Mike Sekowsky-drawn story from Captain Flash #2, 1955; The Phantom Falcon appears in an unnamed Fiction House story, as drawn by Fermo, out of a 1949 issue if Wings,and you get another sexy tale of The Phantom Lady as she find that “Success Is No Accident”, in a 1955 feature from her Ajax Comics run. As a special treat, Marvelman, the British version of Captain Marvel appears as he faces off with “The Pacifist”. Originally published in England by L. Miller And Son im Marvelman #227, December, 1957. Golden Age history from two continents for less than seven bucks!! Color cover, interiors are black and white with graytones. 52-page standard comic book format. Printed in 1997.


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