September 6, 2011

Men of Mystery 23

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America’s national hero, that mysteryman of the airways, Skyman ,swings into action here for the first time in his premiere adventure from Columbia’s Big Shot Comics #1, by Gardner Fox and Ogden Whitney, while Jack Cole appears in his one and only time as the artist on Quicksilver, from National Comics #13, and the strong Quality Comics slant continues with G-2 in “Case # 7- The Return Of Mata Hari” drawn by Ruben Moreira for National Comics #23, and Firebrand, by Lee Ames stands in, from Police #10. This month’s Golden Age interview is with Centaur Comics artist and industry pioneer Martin Filchock, and to go along with it, we reprint his rare, early super character, Fireman, from Man Of War #1. A classic collection of vintage rarities that can’t be beat. Color cover, interiors are black and white with graytones. 52-page stadard comic book format. Printed in 2000.