Men of Mystery 24

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A full scale invasion of the Earth is launched by creatures from outer space and only Captain Flash can save our planet, in “The Invaders”, from Sterling Comics’ Captain Flash #4, with art by Mike Sekowsky. Next, Quality Comics’ Manhunter makes his second MOM appearfance, in “The C ase Of The Kidnapped Corpse”, from Police Comics #20, with art by Pierce Rice;Dynamic Man, from Harry “A” Chesler’s Dynamic Comics looks good as drawn by Ruben Moreira, as he faces “The Tangerine Terror”; Fawcett’s Ibis The Invincible takes a “Twist In Time”, Strong Man, from Magazine Enterprises is here, in “Peril At Devil’s Kitchen”, with art by Bob Powell, and another first-time feature for MOM this go-around- The Target , as seen in the Novelty Press comic of the same name. Color cover, interiors are black and white with graytones. 52-page standard comic book format. Printed in 2000.


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