Men of Mystery 32

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(Golden Age) Men of Mystery # 32 spotlighting the Ajax heroes-The Flame and Phantom Lady from the 1950’s! Also Black Cobra, Samson,Wonder Boy, Mr. Scarlet, Black Rider and Mercury Man! Printed in 2001 Men of Mystery #32This issue spotlights the Ajax Comics heroes of the 1950’s with a feature article on Phantom Lady, Black Cobra. Samson, Red Rocket, Wonder Boy and The Flame “The Flame’s Field Day” is a complete Flame adventure that is reprinted to represent this series. Also on board is Mr. Scarlet, from Fawcett’s Wow Comics; who meets Hitler in this WWII tale; Steve Ditko’s Tales of the Mysterious Traveler brings the strange story of “The Heel and the Healer”; the origin of the Black Rider (A Fox Features hero, not the Western character) is this issue’s rarest offering; and last but not least is the origin of Mercury Man by Rocke Mastroserio, a forgotten super hero from Charlton Comics. 52 pages, black and white with color covers, standard comic book format. Printed in 2001.


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