Men of Mystery 34

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There’s something creepy going on in the AC Editorial offices- the superheroes have been usurped by Weird Men of Mystery! Can true love come to an undying monster? Read “The Beautiful Dead”, perhaps the best of all the Dick Briefer Frankenstein chillers out of Prize Comics. When a voluptuos blonde creates wholesale murder, Dr. Weir and The Purple Claw discover “The Devil is a Dame” by Ben Brown, from Stanmore Publications. Can “The White Spirits” who menace jungle dwellers be from the Great Beyond? It’s up to the mighty Jungle Jo and Lura, his buxom mate to determine in an eerie tale by Wallace Wood and Joe Orlando. One of the most bizarrre heroes in comics history, Fox Features’ Stardust the Super Wizard, torn from the pages of Fantastic Comics, makes his first appearance in Men of Mystery this issue. The Claw- black hearted fiend of civilization- kidnaps Army generals only to be thwarted by the unearthly costumed hero, The Ghost, in an early Lev Gleason/New Friday Pubs. story by Bob Wood. This is a truly weird collection of rare Golden Age stories! 52 pages, black and white with color covers, standard comic book format. Printed in 2001


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