September 6, 2011

Men of Mystery 37

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Another stellar collection of the greatest costumed hero stories from the 1940’s. This issue’s headliners include The Fighting Yank, in “Fireworks on the Fourth”, wherin a band of criminals tries to steal a vintage document signed by George Washington himself-drawn as a solo effort by Mort Meskin, and Catman and the Kitten in their untitled first meeting with their arch-nemesis, Dr. Macabre. An excellent story featuring some of the weirdest, wildest Bob Fujitani artwork you’ll ever want to see! Then, straight out of Champ Comics, The Human Meteor makes his first-ever appearance in Men Of Mystery, as he and sidekick Toby the shoeshine boy stave off a Japanese air attack on San Francisco. Top flight draftsman Bob Powell handles art chores on “The Deadly Hour”, a Strongman story originally appearing in Strongman #3, the Ajax-Farrel incarnation of The Black Cobra rings in to bust up a spy ring trying to sabotage the test trials of a new tank for the U. S. Defense department, in a tale rendered by Sheena artist Robert H. Webb. Four superb, full-story reprints utilizing the best reproduction techniques available, from comics originally published by Standard/Better/Nedor, Holyoke/Continental, Magazine Enterprises, Worth Pubs, and L. L. Miller. 52 pages, black and white with color covers, standard comic book format. Printed in 2002