Men of Mystery 40

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The best of the Golden Age, with six gig stories, starring the likes of The Black Terror, in “larceny at the Lighthouse” (by Meskin and Robinson ), The ‘Terror’s kid sidekick, Tim; in his ONLY solo story outing of The Golden Age, “The Kid Plays A Lone Hand”, by George Tuska; Bulletman and Bulletgirl in “Leave Us Face It”; the eerie Purple Claw in “The Final Hooror” (by Ben Brown and Dave Gantz); a Ralph Mayo-drawn tale of The Little Wise Guys, “Scarecrows Lucky Blunder”; and Spy Smasher vs. The Mask by C. C. Beck. All top-flight, full-story reprints originally seen with the pages of comics from Nedor, Fawcatt, Lev Gleason and Minoan/Toby Press. 52 pages, black and white with color covers. Printed in 2003.


The Official Home of AC Comics : Comic Book Publisher. We publish the long-running superheroine comic, Femforce. We also publish Golden Age superhero and Horror reprints. We are now publishing Big Bang Universe here as well and hope to have other revivals and new series soon.

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