September 6, 2011

Men of Mystery 42

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As per usual, this issue is chock-full of Golden Age gems from the 1940’s and ’50’s, headlined by Blue Bolt and his lovely assistant Lois in “The Thing of Terror”; Bulletman (flying solo) in “The Prophetic Press”, and Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein, in a story titled “Entranced”. Plus, two little-seen characters making their MOM debuts: Centaur Comic’s Fantom of the Fair (with art by Paul Gustavson). and from Prize Comics#1, K The Unkown. All that plus Bob Powell’s Jet Powers. Vintage and classic full-story reprints from Fawcett, Novelty press and Magazine Enterprises, among others. 52 pages. black and white with color covers. Standard comic book size. Printed in 2003.