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Men of Mystery 43

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A pleasure-packed potpourri of rare and esoteric tales from comic’s Golden Age, presented in crisp, clear, full-story reprints.See Fox Feature’s The Flame, in the origin and firts appearance of Flame Girl, as illustrated by Pierce Rice and Arturo Cazeneuve, an early Bulletman adventure, pitting him and Bulletgirl against “The Unholy Three”, as drawn by Charles Sultan. Than, Harrry “A” Chesler’s Dynamic Man and Dynamic Boy defy “The Mad Master of the Doomsday Express”, with art by Ruben Moriera, and an early Nedor/Standard heroe makes his MoM debut- Raymond Thayer’s The Mask, in “The Mask Returns”. Rarer than rare is TNT Todd, the explosive superhero out of Centaur’s Keen Detective Funnies; and finally a slickly rendered Bob Powell opus, M. E.’s The Avenger, in “The Day The Earth Grew”. 52 pages, black & white with color covers. Standard comic book size. Printed in 2003.

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