Men of Mystery 45

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Rare gems from comic’s Golden Age abound, starting off with a great Ken Bald-illustrated story from 1942- the break-up of Bulletman and Bulletgirl!! Then, a MOM newcomer, Quality’s National Comics feature, Wonder Boy debuts, as he overturns a submarine to stop Nazi sabatuers. And, Fox Comics Nightbird, not seen anywhere since Green Mask #9, February 1942, comes onto the scene to stop the murderous… Censor!! Fan-favorite Crimebuster gets the nod, as he stops “The Overconfident Con-Man”, a story written by Charles Biro, and drawn by Norman Maurer, out of Lev Gleason Pubs’ Boy Comics. Fiction House is represented by jungle man (from Jungle Comics- where else?) Ka’anga must hunt the blood spoor of the Phantom Queen- tastefully drawn by Maurice Whitman. Finally, it’s dark fantasy from Charlton with Steve Ditko’s Mysterious Traveler as he views an “Escape”. Black oand white with color Mac Raboy cover, 52 pages, standard comic book size. Printed in 2004


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