September 6, 2011

Men of Mystery 46

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Quality Comics is a focus again this issue, as top artist Reed Crandall is the man behind the cover art and lead feature, both of which star Stormy Foster, The Great Defender. Then, Manhunter takes on “Fence, Incorprated”, as originally seen in Police Comics #66. Two more quality first-timers for the Men of Mystery series appear here, too- as Neon, The Unknown appears, in a story reprinted from Hit Comics #17, (with art by Alex Blum) and The Jester comes on the scene, from a later issue Smash Comics. Fiction House favorites Star Pirate (by Leonard Starr) and Kaanga (drawn by John Celardo) round out the Golden Age fun. Full-story, exact reprints of actual, vintage 1940’s comic book stories from the industies’ greatest creators. 52 pages, black and white with color covers. Standard comic book size. Printed in 2004