Men of Mystery 52

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Call off the dogs, it’s Cat-Man and Kitten in the spotlight this issue, starting off with a great front-cover reproduction of the cover artwork from the first issue of his original Holyoke Comics series, as rendered by Charles Quinlan. Once inside, you get not one but TWO great Cat-Man features; first, a classic confrontation between the ferocious feline and his arch-nemesis, Dr. Macabre (aided and abetted by two elderly but murderous sisters) from Holyoke’s Catman #30, as drawn by the awesomely atmospheric Bob Fujitani. Then, it’s the fianal chapter of the Australian Catman and Kit story started back in MOM #50, as the down-under duo try to defeat gangster Vic Stombelli in their own secret hideout. It’s beautifully illustrated by John Dixon. Lovely Mysta of the Moon makes an appearance, in a Matt Baker-drawn story entitled “Revolt On Planet Xanthia”, and Fawcett Comic’s Spy Smasher gets more than he bargained for when the masked crusader “Visits The Dentist”. Not one, but TWO Men of Mystery first-timers appear this issue: the mysterious two-fisted detective from Fiction House Comics known as The Eye, in a gritty noir adventure drawn by Bill Bennilus- AND, a whimsical and wonderous escapade of Quality Comic’s Kid Eternity, rendered by an unknown artist attempting to ape the great Mac Raboy !! 52 pages of full-story reprints of actual Golden Age comic book stories, with color covers, standard comic book size and format. Printed in 2005.


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