Men of Mystery 58

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Timeless classics from the Golden Age of comics; the 1940’s, reprinted in full in crystal clarity!! An issue-length focus on the characters of the late, great Fawcett comics line this time around. Spy Smasher faces “The Blizzard Blitzkrieg”, from Spy Smasher #9, 1942; followed by an illustrated profile on prolific, forgotten great- artist Carl Pfeufer, scribed by comics historian P. C. Hammerlinck. Then, a superb example of Pfeufer’s work- a full-length Mr Scarlet story entitled “All The World’s A Stage”, originally seen in Wow Comics #40. Then, more Pfeufer virtuosity; this time teamed with inker John Jordan on the Don Winslow melodrama, “The Return of the Scorpion!!”. Then, it’s Commando Yank in “The Japanese Shellproof Island”, and finally Ibis the Invincible in “The Land of Death”, as drawn by Kurt Schafenberger, from Whix Comics #96. 52 pages, color covers with black & white interiors, standard comic book size, saddle-stitched. Printed in 2006


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