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Men of Mystery 61

Men of Mystery 61

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The little man comes up big again this issue, with cover feature DOLLMAN in the lead spot, as diminutive Darrel Dane battles GLOVES, the strange villain whose hands speak the language of DEATH, in a taught tale beautifully illustrated by Al Bryant. Then, IBIS THE INVINCIBLE takes on The Ghostly Cavalier in a mystic misadventure drawn by the great Kurt Schaffenberger. Steve Ditko’s The Mysterious Traveler learns why “The Vision Came”; STRONG MAN takes on a crowd of bad guys that is “Too Many For Strongman” in a story by artist Bob Powell; COMMANDO YANK searches for the “Pearls of Perella” in a story out of Wow Comics; and MAJOR MIDNIGHT finds himself in the middle of a swindle for “The Water Fuel”!! Great full-story Golden Age reprints as originally seen within the pages of Quality, Fawcett and Charlton comic books of the 1940’s & ’50’s

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