Men of Mystery 65

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Another WHOPPING 64 pages of prime GOLDEN AGE reprints of the highest quality!! A mix of great old favorites and intriguing first- timers this go-around. Among the super-characters making their FIRST appearance ever in MOM in this issue is CAPTAIN FREEDOM, in an untitled story reprinted from SPEED COMICS #24. Captain Freedom was somewhat of an imitation of Timely’s Captain America (one of the better ones) in that he wore a flag-inspired costume, but instead of ONE youthful sidekick (like Cap) Freedom has FIVE of them, collectively known as The Young Defenders. This unnamed tales has Cap Freedom & Co. taking on a mad scientist (named Dr. Deemon) who is cooking up some biological weapons, and it is drawn by Arturo Cazenueve. The next dominoed debutante this ish is The JACK of SPADES, an extremely obscure (but fascinating) superhero who comes to life via an exploding deck of cards!! In this bizarre adventure, he tangles with an entire civilization of winged hawkmen to save an innocent girl. This character is the creative product of Albert & Florence Magarian, and appeared in the odd-sized TOPS COMICS in 1944. Our returning regulars include The DOLLMAN, as drawn by Al Bryant in “Dollman Joins The Underworld”; cover feature Commando Yank in “The Die Is Cast”, by Carl Pfeufer, originally appearing in WOW COMICS #46, in 1946; IBIS The INVINCIBLE in “Ibis Meets The Glacier Man”, drawn by Kurt Scaffenberger; The GOLDEN ARROW in “The Warring Tribe” as drawn by Bernie Krigstein, and The CAT-MAN and KITTEN battle their nemesis Mr. Peccary in “Larceny In Liquid”, originally published in CATMAN COMICS #20, and rendered by Charles Quinlan.Full-story, vintage reprints reproduced from actual comic books of the 1940’s, originally published by Fawcett, Quality, Harvey, Lev Gleason and Holyoke Comics, presented in crystal-clear, state-of-the-art printing quality.Men of Mystery #65 is black & white with color covers, 68 pages in standard comic-book size, saddle-stitched. Printed in 2007.


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