Men of Mystery 70

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Another great super-sized 68-page vintage reprint blockbuster!! First, it’s cover feature CAT-MAN & KITTEN, in a never-previously-reprinted classic (originally seen in Holyoke Comics’ CAT-MAN #25 ) , “The Eyes of Justice”, written & drawn by Charles Quinlan. The Feline Furies take vengence on gangster Looie Moroni after the justice system lets the bloodthirsty killer off on a technicality. Then, DOLLMAN battles The Troll, in a suspenseful epic from Quality Comics’ DOLLMAN #32. Leonard Frank delineates The MAJOR MIDNIGHT opus, “Major Midnight Fights For Freedom”. Next, a CRIMEBUSTER classic from Lev Gleason Pubs’ Boy Illostories #81, “Iron Jaw Bites Again”, as penned by Charles Biro and drawn by William Overgard. Dartbane Prison is the setting for an untitled adventure od macabre and mystery from The SECRET FILES OF DR. DREW, with art by Jerry Grandenetti.Then, an untitled adventure of STAR PIRATE, as drawn by Maurice Whitman (from Fiction House’ PLANET COMICS), and Fawcett’s stasr of WHIZ COMICS, LANCE O’CASEY in “The Bandit Birds”. And last but not least, this issues’ debuting rarity is: The RECKONER in “The Stamps That Dripped Blood”, also from CAT-MAN COMICS, and drawn by Don Rico. All full stories reprinted in crisp, perfect detail. Black & white interior with color covers (with front cover art by Mike Machlan ); standard comic book size, saddlestitched. Printed in 2008.


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