Men of Mystery 72

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More of the very BEST costumed-character adventures from comic books’ Golden Age, the 1940’s!! This issues’ incredible lineup includes: John Giunta’s DUKE OF DARKNESS, a goofy Spectre-type hero, from 1945’s Triple Threat Comics #1; everyone’s favorite DOLLMAN up against The Hag, in an Al Bryant-drawn story from the late 1940’s; MAJOR MIDNIGHT in “Danger On Ice”, as illustrated by Dan Barry; a CAMIILA adventure from Jungle Comics, as rendered by Matt Baker; and THREE new first-time characters debuting in tghis issue of MOM- THE RED COMET, from Fiction House’s Planet Comics, in an untitled adventure; HYDROMAN in another untitled story drawn by Ben Thompson- from Eastern Colors’ Heroic Comics #19- and RAINBOW BOY, by H. C. Keifer- also untitled, and also from that same issue of Heroic. 64 pages of wild vintage crime-crushing, originally released by publishers like Gerona, Quality Comics, Fawcett, Fiction House and Eastern Color. All full stories, reproduced using state-of-the-art techniques in crisp, glorious black & white. Standard comic book size, color cover, saddle-stitched. Printed in 2008.


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