Men of Mystery 74

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Another stellar lineup of vintage tales of costumed adventure, this issue highlighting some of the best male/female crimefighting duos of The Golden Age. Leading off it’s BULLETMAN & BULLETGIRL in “The Weeper”; a story originally appearing in Fawcett’s Master comics, as drawn by members of the Binder Studio. Then, a first-time appearance by a rare duo from Continental/Holyoke’s Terrific Comics, it’s BOOMERANG and DIANA, in “The Duke Of Terror Castle”, illustrated by L. B. Cole. Then, cover stars The FLAME and FLAME GIRL in “The Case of the Hollywood Crutch Killer”, from a 1941 issue of Fox Feature’s Wonderworld Comics, with art by Pierce Rice and Arturo Cazeneuve. Then, ROCKETMAN and JETGIRL in “Terror Strikes The Turnpike”, as illustrated by Ruben Moriera from Zip-Jet Comics. Then, it’s Quality Comics stars DOLL MAN and DOLL GIRL in “The Druid Death”, originally printed in 1951’s Doll Man Comics #38. And Finally, CAT-MAN and KITTEN fight their arch-nemesis Dr. Macabre in “The Man Who Conquered Death”; drawn by Bob Fujitani , and originally seen in Holyoke’s Catman Comics #29, in 1945. A full 64 pages of Golden Age classics, perfectly reproduced in black & white, inside a full-color cover, (Please note; this issues Rocketman& Jetgirl story was previouisly reprinted in Rocketman Ashcan #1, and the Cat-Man & Kitten was previously reprinted in Golden Age Greats #1- both books now virtually out-of-print ) Standard comic book suze, saddle-stitched binding. Printed in 2008.


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