Men of Mystery 76

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64 pages of great super-hero action reprinted in sparkling black and white from the genre’s Golden Age, the 1940’s!! Cover star The BLACK TERROR does double duty in a brace of adventures-“The Funny Man Murder”, AND “The Theiving Leprechauns”, both originally seen in Standard/Nedor’s Black Terror # 21; both stories feature moody inking by Raphael Astarita. Then, it’s Holyoke Comic’s The HOOD in a story (surprisingly) rendered by the great Bob Fujitani- “The Man Who Sold His Soul To The Devil”, originally printed in Cat-Man Comics #26. Then, Quality Comics’ DOLLMAN tussles with…” The Secret Six”, a nicely-rendered story from late in the character’s run. Then, it’s an early rarity- Ace Comics’s star, FLASH LIGHTNING in a story from 1940’s Sure-Fire Lightning #3, the character’s third appearance ever, rendered here by Harry Lucey. Next, it’s Klaus Nordling art on a LADY LUCK shorty, followed by the MOM debut of another Ace Comics mysteryman, The RAVEN, in a story drawn by W. E. Rowland, originally seen in Sure-Fire-Lightning #3. As always, Men of Mystery is a treasure trove of comics’ golden rarties!!


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