Men of Mystery 81

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SECOND spectacular issue in our new SUPERSIZED THICK format for MEN OF MYSTERY!!!! OUR BIGGEST and BEST issue yet!! 240 pages of classic Golden Age reprints in a squarebound trade paperback format!! This issue’s special focus is on the superheroes of Ace Comics, starting with Mike Machlan’s stunning front cover, through a Mark Heike text rundown of the history of Ace, and capsule summaries of all of the companies’ costumed heroes, to a COMPLETE REPRINT of issue #3 of Ace’s all-hero “all star” showcase book, FOUR FAVORITES, straight out of 1941!! One full feature-length story each starring MAGNO the MAGNETIC MAN, LASH LIGHTNING, VULCAN, The RAVEN and Mr. WHISKERS, just as they originally appeared!! And that’s not ALL- additional Ace coverage includes stories fron other titles, like MARVO The MAGICIAN from LIGHTNING COMICS, and Mr. RISK and The SWORD from SUPER-MYSTERY Comics. You won’t find THIS much coverage on the all-but-forgotten Ace line ANYWHERE else, in any book or magazine on comics history!! But that is only the beginning, as there are never-previously-reprinted stories starring GA favorites from OTHER publishers, too- like MISS MASQUE in “The Ring of Death”, DOLLMAN vs The NOOSE, GREEN LAMA, LADY LUCK, the Australian MANHUNTER, IBIS the INVINCIBLE, NYOKA, The DURANGO KID, and THUNDA!! But there is STILL even more after that, as more than half a dozen OTHER vintage features make there MOM debut this issue, including The ARROW, MUSS ‘EM UP DONOVAN, MOON GIRL, The ZEBRA, The SPIRIT of ’76, NORGE BENSON and The RANGERS OF FREEDOM!! A total of 26 full stories, from 11 different publishers ( Ace, Centaur, Fawcett, Fiction House, Fox Features, Harvey/Family, Magazine Enterprises, Nedor/Standard, Prize and Quality) sporting art by Bob Oksner, Al Bryant, Dick Briefer, Shelly Moldoff, Bob Powell, Klaus Nordling, Arturo Cazeneuve, Joe Doolin, Ernie Schroeder, Joe Certa, Bob Fujitani, Harvey Kutzman, Will Eisner, Bob Lubbers, Pierce Rice and MORE!! You CAN’T say you love Golden Age material and NOT love this book!! (And if you call yourself such a vintage comic book expert that you’ve SEEN all of these stories before, you’re a flat-out LIAR!! Even WE hadn’t seen all this stuff until we put this book together!!!) An absolute MUST for the 1940’s costumed-hero fan!! Standard comic-book size, 240 pages in black & white with full color covers, perfectbound trade paperback format. Released by AC Comics in 2010


The Official Home of AC Comics : Comic Book Publisher. We publish the long-running superheroine comic, Femforce. We also publish Golden Age superhero and Horror reprints. We are now publishing Big Bang Universe here as well and hope to have other revivals and new series soon.

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One thought on “Men of Mystery 81
  1. Mark Holmes

    I opened this book up and starred, on the inside front cover is a fantastic MODERN rendition of the Black Terror rescuing a babe from some mechanical arms. He has a really neat smirk on his face and the girl is really drawn well. I admire this picture for a good minute then pop over to the contents page to check out the artist. It’s AC’s own John JG!
    I knew he did some art from watching the AC Spotlight CD I got years ago but this piece is spectacular!
    Now, how do I display it without ruining the book?