Men of Mystery 83

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ONLY A FEW COPIES LEFT!! This 200-plus page blockbuster is particularly special, as it contains MORE pages of coverage on the legendary (and rare) CENTAUR COMICS line than any book previously published anywhere at any time!! Though rarely seen (even by comics historians, due to their poor distribution in the late 1930’s and early ’40’s), this storied publishing house is famous as a sort of “primordial soup” of creators and concepts; a place where styles, ideas and approaches were tried before moving on to success at bigger and better venues. With editorial product packaged by the Lloyd Jaquet studio ( the “entry point” for dozens and dozens of artists & writers who would later develop into some of the industries’ biggest stars ), CENTAUR was one of the first companies to move comic books away from newspaper strip reprints and into all-original material; heavily into action/adventure strips, and from there into lots and lots of costumed superheroes!! MEN OF MYSTERY 83 reprints no less than ELEVEN full Centaur stories, from their original source material in CENTAUR’S Amazing Man Comics, Wham Comics and Amazing Mystery Funnies. See not one but TWO full features starring AMAZING MAN, plus one each headlining The ARROW, FANTOMAN, The SHARK, AIRSUB DX, The RAINBOW, The BLACK PANTHER, REEF KINKAID (artistic great Bob Lubber’s FIRST professional art job!!) MIGHTY MAN and The BLUE FIRE, with art by Lew Glanz, Paul Gustavson, Martin Filchock, Al Plastino, and Carl Burgos !! But the special CENTAUR feature is just the beginning, as another full FIFTEEN stories culled from the archives of other publishers fill out the book, including The BLACK TERROR, CAPTAIN FREEDOM, DOLLMAN, SHOCK GIBSON, MOON GIRL, AIRBOY and MAJOR MIDNIGHT, PLUS these never previously seen (in MOM ) characters DR. FROST, The SCARAB, AMERICAN EAGLE, The FLYIN’ FOOL, The FLAMINGO and MAN O’ MARS; representing material originally published at Prize Comics, Standard/Nedor, Hillman, Continental, Fawcett, Fiction House and others. Artists on these stories include Ken Battefield, Johnny Craig, Ernie Schroeder, Leonard Frank, Bob Fujitani, Bob Powell and John Giunta. 25 full Golden Age reprint stories in all, representing some of the rarest and most esoteric material that the comic book scene of the 1940’s had to offer. Even if you consider yourself well-versed in knowledge of comics’ formative years, there is a LOT of material in this volume that we guarantee you have never seen!! As always, a great collector’s value for 218 pages of THE most sought after and hard-to-find costumed hero stories out of the 1940’s!! Reproduced in crisp and clear black & white, with full color front and back covers. Standard comic book dimensions in a bookshelf format, with a perfect-bound spine. Released on 2010


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