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Golden Age Greats Spotlight Volume 6

Golden Age Greats Spotlight Volume 6

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The phenomenal success of the CAPTAIN AMERICA comic book in 1941 spurred a trend towards flag-draped superheroes throughout the industry during the ealy days of World War II. It seems as if every comics outfit suddenly needed to have one, two, three; sometimes more of these red-white-and-blue characters to fill out there line. This volume of GAG Spotlight is a collection of the best & most interesting among the off-brand, imitation Caps, sampled from a variety of long-defunct Golden Age publishers. Includes Fox Features’ pariotic heroes THE EAGLE, U.S. JONES and (reprinted for the first time at AC) V-MAN in “The Meeting That Death Attended”. Also, from the Harvey stable, CAPTAIN FREEDOM and the origin of THE SPRIT OF’76. COMMANDO YANK (“The Temple of the One-Eyed Yellow Idol”), MINUTE MAN (“Makes the Dictators Buy War Bonds”) and SPY SMASHER represent Fawcett’s flag-wavers, as do FLAG-MAN, MISS VICTORY and (in his first MOM appearance) THE RED CROSS from Holyoke Publications, YANK & DOODLE (another first-timer) from Prize Comics, YANKEE DOODLE JONES from Chesler, and CAPTAIN COURAGEOUS in “Unholy Death”(debuting in this issue as a reprint character at AC ) from Ace. 14 full stories in all, shot directly from actual vintage comics as source material. 150 pages of state-of-the art black & white reprints of the patriotic superheroes of the Golden Age. So many stars and stripes you’ll go blind from it!! Featured artists include Phil Bard, Ramona Patenaude, Pierce Rice, Arturo Cazeneuve, Jack Alderman, Charles Quinlan, Rudy Palais, John Giunta and Charles Sultan. Black & white interiors with full color covers, saddle-stitched. Please note: this volume does include some material previously printed in various issues of MEN OF MYSTERY. Released in 2011.

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  1. Robert M. Price  December 4, 2011 at 2:25 pm

    I love this collection and have customized figures of seven of the heroes–plus one villain. Who is the skull-faced bad guy on the back inside and outside covers? Was he made up on the spot, or does he represent some Golden Age character?

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