Crypt of Horror Volume 1

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ALL “NEW” VINTAGE MATERIAL- 120 PAGES NEVER PREVIOUSLY REPRINTED!! Premiere issue of a new omnibus anthology of prime, rare pre-and post-Code horror comics from the 1950’s, from Fawcett, Avon, Charlton, and other horror publishers of the genre’s heyday. Dr. Wertham thought these stories would turn readers into sociopaths-buy a copy and risk it!! These stories are weird and quirky- a fascinating window into the baroque sensibilities of the comic world of five decades past. Stories include “Inheritance” by Steve Ditko; “The Fiend Of the Nether World” drawn by Manny Stallman; Sid Check’s “Death Sentence”; “The Fleshless Ones” by Sheldon Moldoff; “The Phantom Python” by Everett Raymond Kinsteler, and lots more by Bob Powell, Howard Nostrand, Al Avison, Joe Certa, Russ Heath, Dick Ayers and others too numerous to mention. A veritable treasure trove of ghoulish goodies. In all, 120 pages, black & white with color covers; standard comic book size. saddle-stitched. Printed in 2005.


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