Crypt of Horror Volume 11

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¬†More maddeningly macabre tales from the halcyon days of comic book horror, the “pre-code” 1950s !! Great vintage reprints from the horror comics of long-defunct pulishers like Avon, Standard/Nedor, Prize, Chalton and Harvey; with a special focus this issue on Richard Hughe’s ACG. A total of 20 full stories in all, including 9 from ACG. This issues’ fare includes: “The Creekmore Curse”, “Alice In Terrorland”, “Deity Of Death”, “Suppressed Desire”, “The Demon Master”,”Men From Mars”,”Within The Tomb Of Terror”, “The Mad Mamba”, “The Vampire’s Bane”. “The Devil In Your TV Dial”, “Zombies’ Eyes”, “Howl Of The Hunter”, “The King Of The Vampires”, “Slaves Of Living Hell”,”The Gravimonster”, “Wings Of Darkness”, “The Mountain That Was”, “River Of Blood”, “The Door”, and “Dust Unto Dust”. Artists include Alex Toth, Al Feldstein, Edmond Good, Bernie Krigstein, John Rosenberger, Bill Everett, Lou Cameron, Joe Maneely, Dick Ayers, Steve Ditko, Bob Powell, Tony Tallarico and Howard Nostrand. Spooky, good fun. If you’ve read the previous 10 volumes, you’ve got to get THIS one!! 140 pages, black & white with color covers, saddle-stitched. Released by AC Comics in 2011.


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