Crypt of Horror Volume 14

Crypt of Horror Volume 14 cover art

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Steel yourself for another heaping helping of horror as the latest installment in the Crypt of Horror series is here, Volume 14!! No collector of vintage Pre-Code horror comics will want to miss this one. Behind a classic Warren Kremer cover you’ll find 18 full story reprints in superbly crisp black and white, including such classics as “The Spell of the Black Gloves”, “Cats of Doom”, “Corpse Convention”, “The Picnic”, “Evil Secret of Black Hollow”, “Vampire Bride”, “The Last Man”, “The Vampire Legion”, “The Specter’s Revenge”, “Vigil Among the Vampires”, “The Monster of Mad Mountain”, “Bum Ticker”, “Second Chance”, “The Deadly Doll of Horror”, “Mountain of Doom” and others. Art by such gruesome greats as Bob Powell, Al Avison, George Tuska, Tony Mortellaro, Charles Quinlan and Jack Kirby. Thrill to comic book frights of days gone by from publishers like ACG, Prize, Harvey and others, not since since originally published in the 1950’s. A full 140 pages of comics’ best from the horror genre. Color covers with black and white interiors, standard comic book size, saddle-stitched. Released in 2012.


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