Crypt of Horror Volume 4

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¬†Another spine-tingling collection of classic vintage horror comics from the 1950’s- most from the halcyon “Pre-Code Era”. Thrill to macabre mayhem like: “The Monster”; “The Lonely”, and “V…For Wampire”, both by Howard Nostrand; “The Rat Race” by Bill Everett; Edgar Allen poe’s “The Black Cat”; “The Doubting Thomas”, Steve Ditko’s “Library of Horror”; “The Night Visitor” and “The Things In The Box”, by Dick Ayers; “Jack of Horror” by Bob Powell; “Signals From The Grave”, by Jack Sparling; “The Hole In The Wall”, by Ed Winarski; “Cycle of Horror” by Al Edeth; “Long Shot” by Manny Stallman; “Mac Beth” by Mort Meskin & George Roussos; “Don’t Shake Hands With The Devil”; “Where Man-Eaters Walk” by Joe Maneely, “Song of the Undead” by Harry Lazarus and Vince Alascia; “The Wax Man” and “The Hand of Death” by Rocke Mastroserio; and “The Bride of Death” by Jack Katz. 120 pages of horror hijinks, in black & white with color covers- standard comic book size, saddle-stitched. Printed in 2007.


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