Crypt of Horror Volume 8

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Comicdom’s leading Pre-Code horror reprint anthology is back, bigger and better than ever- it’s AC Comic’s Crypt of Horror, Volume 8!! Inside the classic Warren Kremer cover, you’ll find 140 pages of 1950’s terror tales from defunct publishers like Magazine Enterprises, Standard/Nedor, Hillman, ACG, Comic Media, Mikeross, Harvey, Fiction House and others, guaranteed to chill your spine. Featuring timeless tales like”The Witch of the Haunted Hills”, “Saleman of Death”, “Ghostly Revenge”; “Here’s To Horror”; “The Hungry Horde”;”Web For Her Wedding Dress”, “Creamation”; “Hidden Graveyard”; “Curse of the Zamboori”; “The Crown of Coort”; “Kiss and Kill”; “Clumsy”; “the Gost of Dr. Renick”; “Rotting Flesh of the Dead”; “Visitor”; “The Lucky Stiff”; “Nightmare Island” and more- many of them introduced by own happy horror host, LON MADNIGHT himself!! Thrill to the artwork of such line-art luminaries as: Sheldon Moldoff%


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