January 13, 2012

21st Centurions GN In Stores by Mark Heike

21st Centurions GN back coverThe 21st Centurions: New Clear Day color graphic novel has shipped from Diamond Distribution, and can be found in comic shops right now. Why is it worth checking out? Well, online columnist and writer Eric Lindberg had this to say about the 21st Centurions : “This series has a number of innovative and quirky elements that make this comic stand out from the numerous ‘heroes-in-training’ series we’ve seen before, mixing naive heroes with an enigmatic mentor who has questionable motives. The 21st Centurions project is designed to create the new superheroes of tomorrow, taking ordinary but dedicated young people and granting them artificial powers via small wristwatch devices that temporarily channel any superhuman ability, as long as it doesn’t ‘tap out’ their power reserves. This gimmick, along with Tribune’s somewhat pompous and vain focus on photo ops and team merchandising, drives home the ‘anyone can be a star’ vibe of a post-American Idol world.” New Clear Day collects issues 0, 1 & 2 of the series, written and illustrated by Stephanie Heike. If your local retailer is sold out, be sure to place a reorder. Simply tell your shop owner you want a copy of theĀ  21st Centurions: New Clear Day graphic novel, DVD product #SEP110963, from the October, 2011 issue of Diamond Previews.