Femforce 165- Coming in November, 2013!! by Mark Heike

Femforce 165 cover art by Eric CoileThe FEMFORCE rarely deals in “all-out action issues”, but this edition of the long-running FF series heads in that direction, as one-time FF member, sometimes- villainess and daughter of team leader MS. VICTORY, RAD  finds herself accidentally pulled into the long-running WAMPYR/CIANOSE DJAB storyline while trying to be a responsible “good samaratin”. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, she’s in a donnybrooke with most of the FEMFORCE team. Meanwhile, SHE-CAT; STILL trying to avoid the ire of Ms. VICTORY over SYNN’s romp on the West Coast in FF #163 has talked her way into yet ANOTHER solo mission in a remote location. This time, it’s the mysterious region known as The Dawn World, where ‘Cat must contend with both prehistoric and antidelluvian menaces AND the cat-diety known as BAST. This story guest-stars CAVE GIRL, THUN’DA  and PHA, and is written and drawn by the multi-talented Eric Coile. After decades apart( for various reasons) NIGHTVEIL  and her love Dan (The BLACK COMMANDO) Barton have finally been reunited. With unlimited resources and virtually all of time and space before them, their lives together SHOULD be idyllic- but seeds sown this issue may lead to the greatest adventure that either of these characters has ever faced. ROWENA, the gentle giantess returns, in a story written by R’s creator, Eric Lindberg, and drawn by a talented AC newcomer, Seth Bunke!!  She-Cat makes a return appearance in yet another solo outing- and wait’ll you see WHERE it takes place!!Finally, after last issue’s short “teaser”, interplanetary trouble-shooter STORMY TEMPEST is back, in a feature-length story that harkens to her live-action, Galaxy International/CultRetro video adventures. STORMY and S.H.I.P. must save a sentient alien race from the intergalactic threat known as- The SWARM!!  Stories by   Mark and Stephanie Heike, Mark Holmes, Eric Lindberg, Eric Coile and Frank Tra. Art by Eric Coile, Rock Baker, Scott Shriver, Jeff Austin, Seth Bunke and Manuel Diaz. This issue will also ship with TWO different cover options- a “standard” cover version by regular FF contributor Eric Coile, and a special STORMY TEMPEST cover variant by John Nadeau. John started at AC many decades ago, and  later distinguished himself with a long run as a penciler on various STAR

Femforce 165 alternate cover

Femforce 165 alternate cover

WARS miniseries at Dark Horse Comics, among other high-profile comic book projects. These two versions will be shipped to Diamond Distribution in a 4:1ratio; FOUR copies of the standard Coile cover to every ONE copy of the special Nadeau STORMY version. If you want to be certain of getting the Nadeau variant, be sure that your local retailer orders enough copies.



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5 thoughts on “Femforce 165- Coming in November, 2013!! by Mark Heike
  1. Jim Johnston

    I just noticed Rayda is on the cover ( Thanks for the heads -up Jimmy Raker)
    Is that significant?
    Will we be reading more of her adventures?

  2. Jim Johnston

    Not to be picky but I note the non presence of (former General ,now Secretary of State )Roberta Strock on the cover

  3. Mark Holmes

    Two awesome covers! Well worth the price of admission. Cover number one looks like a flashback to around FemForce 100 while number two is just off the scale awesome.

  4. jimmy

    the eric coile cover is good with old pals rayda and short (sorry colt !) despite the femforce title who hides colt ! good work really