Femzine 4

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Unusual tales for MATURE READERS!! This special issue prepared by our associates in the B-Brand Comix Studio in Italy certainly lives up to that billing!! The book opens with an untitled adventure of the leather-clad avenger known as… The BLACK MISTRESS, as she savagely defends an innocent young woman against three male attackers. Written by Francesca Paolucci and Enrico Teodorani, with art by Antonio Conversano.Then, the scene shifts to the Old West, but the theme remains dark with The BLACK PHANTOM, as she saves the women of a tiny Mexican town from the cruelty of El Diablo, in an adventure written by Enrico Teodorani with art again by Antonio Conversano. Then, back to contemporary times with an adventure of LEATHER BLAKE, female Kung Fu master; as the sadistic biker gang known as The Dragons hold her in bondage for brutal revenge . Written by Teodorani, and illustrated by Silvano. Then, a “classic” jungle adventure of the beautiful, blonde KAGEENA in “Battle Against The Boulders”, as Kageena must fight to the death with a vicious cromagnon man. Finally, it’s RULAH The JUNGLE GODDESS, in “Bloodstained Fangs”!! Rulah must cleanse the jungle veldt of Mava the female warlord and her Nazi cohorts. Extreme violence, adult themes and some nudity are found in this book, so it should be considered for MATURE READERS ONLY. 44 pages, black & white with color covers, standard comic book size, saddle-stitched. Printed in 2007.



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