Femzine 5

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Back again this month, it’s TEN MORE unusual tales for MATURE READERS from our friends at B-Brand Comix Studio in Italy, this time out even WILDER & RACIER than last issue!!! The mysterious & sensual vigilante known as The BLACK MISTRESS returns in “The Law of the Black Mistress”. When a young couple is set upon by a murderous gang on a lonely highway in the night, the Black Mistress takes charge of the situation. Written by Francesca Paolucci & Enrico Teodorani, with art by Antonio Conversano. Then, the sexy & wacky masked crimefighter known as BLUE VELVET makes her debut, in “The Case of the Chinese Waiter Torture”- written & drawn by Rick (She-Hulk) Burchett. The blonde (and topless) gunslinger known as DJUSTINE saves her friend Consuelo in “El Lago Maldito”, written by Enrico Teodorani, with art by MKD. A bad actress takes her frustrations out on an insufferable director in “SFX”, witten & drawn by Bill Fugate, with inks by Bill Blac. Then, it’s two adventures of the dark-haired urban avenger CALAVERA, as written by creator Enrico Teodorani- “Deadly Encounter”, with art by Jason Waltrip; and “The Uninvited Guest”, drawn by Eric Theriault. Also, three stories starring Enrico Teodorani’s fair-haired jungle goddess, PAMELA of the JUNGLE: “The Blonde Game”, and “Una Bara Nella Jungla”, both illustrated by Pierpaolo Putignano; and “Predator of the Deep”, with art by Roberto Elia. Finally, the next chapter in the saga of “Leather Blake, Mistress of Kung Fu”. The biker gang known as The Dragons now have the lovely Leather in their clutches, and take there revenge on her for past battles using whip, knife & car battery before dropping off the humiliated girl in front of her own gang’s headquarters.Written by Enrico Teodorani, and drawn by Silvano. Plus- pinups by Bill Black and Clifford Neal. Extreme violence and some nudity are found in this book, so it should be considered for MATURE READERS ONLY. 44 pages, black & white with color covers, standard comic book size, saddle-stitched. Printed in 2007



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