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She-Cat Chronicles cover art

She-Cat Chronicles cover artSORRY, THIS ITEM IS NOW OFF OF THE BOARD AND UNAVAILABLE. LOOK FOR ANOTHER NEW GIVEAWAY ITEM LATE ON SUNDAY THE 26nd.Todays Giveaway of the Day is another gem for the AC completists- a copy of the early-90’s graphic novel compilation of the 4-issue 1990 SHE-CAT miniseries, THE SHE-CAT CHRONICLES. Not only was this black & white TPB strictly limited to a print run of 500 copies,(and sold out and unavailable for almost twenry years) it was also the ONE AND ONLY die-cut cover book that AC Comics ever produced.  LONG sold out and certainly among the rarest publications AC has ever released, we came across a less-than-perfect but complete copy of this seldom-seen volume, and we are offering it FREE today only to anyone who purchases $25.00 worth of merchandise on the AC web store. This miniseries, plotted and drawn She-Cat #3 cover artby Billie Marimon was popular in it’s day, and reprerented the iconic “take” on SHE-CAT at the time. Not only is this a near-impossible-to-find collectible, but it gives you the whole run of Billie’s quirky approach to SC under one cover. The book is black and white with greytones on newsprint on the interiors, with a color “inner” and color die-cut “outer” cover. Here’s your chance to get this  unique piece of AC publishing history!! The first customer today who places an order for just $25.00 worth of merchandise on the AC web store can recieve this classic TPB ABSOLUTELY FREE simply by emailing me at after placing your web shop order and saying “I want my free SHE-CAT CHRONICLES TPB!” We’ll then ship you this great item along with the rest of your merchandise ASAP.  Now, you can buy any items you’d like on the AC web store, so long as the total value of She-Cat #4 cover artthe items purchased comes to AT LEAST $25.00. If there are AC products you’ve been thinking about getting but hadn’t ordered yet, now will be the perfect time, as your purchase can qualify you to recieve this rare, one-of-a-kind item.Just be sure to email me with your request as soon as you’ve made your order, and if you’re the first qualified respondent, the SHE-CAT CHRONICLES is yours absolutely free!! But remember this item- and this offer- is ONLY available today. When tomorrow rolls around, this freebie deal is GONE, whether any lucky collector has taken advantage of it or not. That’s the deal with AC’s February Freebie promotion. Once a lucky winner has responded to today’s deal, I will put a notice on this posting that today’s item is gone. But do check back often, because within another day or two, we’ll have ANOTHER great giveaway going, all through February Freebie month here on the AC web shop!!


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