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Yes, it’s finally here!! Often spoken of, it’s finally complete and ready for you to enjoy in your own home!! Nightveil: Witchwar is a full-color, live-action DVD that brings AC Comics popular Femforce character Nightveil to life, in a wild, way-out feature-length movie that recounts her origin (see her learn the ways of sorcery from the other-worldly wizard known as Azagoth, and evolve from the two-fisted crimefighter known as Blue Bulleteer, into Nightveil, Sorceress Supreme!!) This is an actual DVD movie, produced and packaged just like one you’d buy at the local video store. It is compatible and playable with any standard US-made DVD player. The program consists of a feature-length Origin of Nightveil drama (guest-starring the villainous Alizarin Crimson), plus additional extras including the alternate, original ending to the feature; a blooper reel; a mockumentary explaining the “Chesse-o-Rama” cinematic process; story-behind-the-film commentary with producer Bill Black; a photo gallery of stills and other shots taken from unused scenes, and the Femforce Comics graphics gallery- all adding up to almost two full hours of entertainment. The film was created, written, produced and directed by AC Comics publisher Bill Black, and stars Mary Capps as Nightveil/Blue Bulleteer; Maria Paris as Alizarin Crimson; Jon Smith, Colleen Kavavaugh, David Herzog, Chuck Capps and Sonia Guyer, and features acting performances by comic-book professionals Brad Gorby, John Beatty, Chris Allen, Eric Coile and Rebekah Black. Chock full of sexy superheroines, vile villainesses, monsters, mages and magical nether-dimensions; this lovingly- produced dramatic portrayal of the origin of one of the most popular members of AC Comics’ FEMFORCE comic book series comes out of a unique blend of influences. In tone, it is a cross between the low-budget sci-fi & horror films of the 1950′s, and the live-action superhero television shows of the 1960′s; with a dash of 1940′s style movie serial thrown in- all finished out using today’s CGI technology. The effects are cheesy, but the girls look good in costume. There is action aplenty, and settings range from the Florida Everglades to the planet known as Dark Dhagor, and into The Limbo Void and beyond- and the story is pure FEMFORCE. This presentation carries the feel and tenor of an actual AC comic very well. In addition to the title feature, there are plenty of “extras”, giving this package real entertainment value. And if you’ve read all this and STILL can’t make up your mind whether you want to buy this fine film or not, check out the following links: there you will see TONS of actual screen shots and stills from the film. It is the website of AC Comics great FEMFORCE artist Brad Gorby- who also happens to play the wizard Azagoth in this film. Once you’ve gotten a taste of this funfest at Brad’s site, don’t forget to come back HERE and buy the DVD!!