The Return Of Nyoka The Jungle Girl DVD


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AN ALL-NEW, ORIGINAL NYOKA FILM PRODUCED IN 2009!! Gunfights, swordfights, whipfights, fist fights, cleavage, a giant pendulum, a Hollywood-style gorilla and a cliffhanger finale!! What’s not to love?! Nyoka, the Jungle Girl returns in the latest and GREATEST Smarty Pants production yet!! Statuesque beauty NICOLA RAE ( star of our STORMY TEMPEST films) historically becomes the third actress to portray the title character of Nyoka Gordon as she faces off against the villainous Crimson Skull and his henchmen in an all-new, serial-style, action-packed jungle showdown. Nyoka must also contend with the resurrected gorilla known as SATAN…last seen in 1942′s NYOKA AND THE TIGERMEN. The costume is astonishing and the performance by professional “gorilla man” Chris Casteel is an instant classic and must be seen to be believed!! As with cliffhanger serials of the past, deadly traps and mortal peril awaits our heroine at every turn, culminating in an ancient ceremonial chamber with Nyoka chained to a stone slab beneath a giant, descending pendulum blade!! Will our heroine survive??? Starring NICOLA RAE as NYOKA, with Pierce Knightley, Chris Casteel, Eddie Rivera and Richard Beach. Written by JohnJG, produced and directed by Bill Black. The full color feature runs more than 35 minutes, PLUS all these extras: A full-lenrgth, “retro” black & white version of THE RETURN OF NYOKA THE JUNGLE GIRL; samplings of the two vintage Nyoka serials, NYOKA AND THE TIGERMEN Chapter One, starring Kay Aldridge and Clayton Moore, from 1942; and JUNGLE GIRL Chapter One, starring Francis Gifford, Tom Neal and Gerald Mohr, from 1941; A film-location PHOTO GALLERY!! TRAILERS for other Smarty Pants films, and a NYOKA comic book gallery. An all-ages, regions-free video production in NTSC format, on a DVD-R disc that should play on any standard DVD player. Released by Smarty Pants Entertainment in 2009.