September 14, 2011

Roy Rogers Color Cartoon Button Giant Set 7

Price: Sold out



THIS PRODUCT IS SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE.Roy Rogers Color Cartoon Button Giant Set #7 Here’s a wonderful GIANT set of Roy Rogers family cartoon buttons! With this offer, you get one each of all the line-drawn color buttons in sets 4, 5 and 6; that’s a Dale Evans portrait, Trigger portrait, small head shot of Roy on a Roy Rogers logo, Roy portrait, Buttermilk, Dale on Dale Evans logo,Roy on Trigger, Bullet and Pat Brady- PLUS one more cartoon button, unavailable in any other set- Pat Brady’s jeep, Nellybelle! That’s ALL of the Roy-related cartoon buttons, for LESS than the cost of the three sets combined- PLUS one more button FREE!! Each image is plastic coated and affixes to an all-metal, 21/2″ pinback button. Fun to collect and wear, made to last years.