RUSSIAN : Femforce : Rad Against Everybody Graphic Novel

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In 2004, AC Comics signed a licensing agreement with Prime -Evroznak Publishing of St. Petersburg, Russia, allowing them to reprint a series of compilations of classic storylines from the early days of the Femforce, translated into the Russian language, for the Russian audience. This volume was the very first released there. Titled Rad Against Everybody, this 10 1/8″ X 6 1/8″, saddle-stitched album reprints Femforce issue #’s 21, 22 &23 in black & white on newsprint interior stock, with a heavy matte stock full-color cover, and features the same great Tony Oshmago, Richard Rome, Jim Sanders III, Brad Gorby, Mark Propst, & Rik Levins artwork seen in the original, American versions of the original comics these stories appeared in, the only difference being that lettering in all the balloons is Russian, displayed in the Cryllic alphabet. Countless numbers of these books sold in Russia, but only a handfull of them have ever made it to our US shores. Here’s your chance to own perhaps one of the rarest Femforce items that will ever be produced.