Captain America The Classic Serial DVD

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CAPTAIN AMERICA, in this Republic Pictures version, differs greatly from the original comic book version created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Here it is the crusading district attorney Grant Gardner (DICK PURCELL) who dons the patriotic blue, white and red costume to star in one of the studio’s best action cliffhangers. He battles the mysterious villain, THE SCARAB, wielder of “The Purple Death”. LIONEL ATWILL, one of the screen’s most enduring bad guys, is the sinister museum curator, Dr. Cyrus Maldor, the Scarab’s alter ego. Beautiful LORNA GRAY plays Gardner’s able assistant who is the damsel in constant distress. 15 exciting episodes, two disc set, Interactive menus, B&W, over 4 hours! Extras include theatrical trailer and photo gallery. The star spangled comic book hero comes to life in this action- packed cliffhanger serial! Stars DICK PURCELL – LORNA GRAY – LIONEL ATWILL Directed by John English – Elmer Clifton 15 Chapters – B&W – 1944 – 4 hours All-ages, regions free, digitally remastered in NTSC format With interactive menus, presented on two DVD-R discs which should play on any standard DVD player.This film is in the public domain. Captain America is the property of Marvel Comics. Released by CultRetro in 2010.