Commando Cody Volume 1 DVD

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COMMANDO CODY- SKY MARSHAL OF THE UNIVERSE Volume One: WAR OF THE SPACE GIANTS! Six DOUBLE LENGTH Chapters! A full 3 hours! The incredible ROCKETMAN flies again! An evil Alien menace from outer space known as The Ruler tries to subjugate the Earth. This creature attacks by generating floods and typhoons, spreading germ warfare, blocking out the sun, creating extra suns and by pulling the Earth and the moon out of their orbits. Fortunately our world has COMMANDO CODY- SKY MARSHAL OF THE UNIVERSE (Judd Holdren) as its protector. The masked commando zips about the Solar System in his atomic powered rocket ship with his scientific aides Joan Gilbert (Aline Towne), Ted Richards (William Schallert) and Dick Preston (Richard Crane) to combat The Ruler, his weird henchmen and fantastic weapons. Six DOUBLE LENGTH Chapters! (ENEMIES OF THE UNIVERSE, ATOMIC PERIL, COSMIC VENGEANCE, NIGHTMARE TYPHOON, WAR OF THE SPACE GIANTS, & DESTROYERS OF THE SUN!!) A full 3 hours! This series was released both as a theatrical serial and as a television series. Also in the cast are Lyle Talbot, Gregory Gay and Peter Brocco. Produced and Directed by Franklin Adreon with Fred C. Brannon & Harry Keller. Republic Pictures 1955, B&W 180 Minutes. 6 30-minute chapters, digitally remastered, regions-free in NTSC format, and presented on two DVD-R discs with Interactive Menus. Also includes these extras: THE LOST PLANET Chapt 1 (25 minutes) Starring Judd Holdren in a way, way out sci-fi action thriller; and CAPTAIN VIDEO Chapter 4 starring Judd Holdren. Richard Crane gained fame as TV’s space hero, ROCKY JONES – SPACE RANGER. He also starred in the serial MYSTERIOUS ISLAND (now available at etc.) and co-starred in THE ALLIGATOR PEOPLE. William Schallert appeared in an amazing number of sci-fi monster movies during the 1950′s… most notably MAN FROM PLANET X. Aline Towne may have starred in more cliffhangers than any other actress. The villain, The Ruler, is played by Gregory Gay who played the title role in FLYING DISC MAN FROM MARS. Lyle Talbot was leading man in the 1930′s and made several serials in the 1940′s and 1950′s (CHICK CARTER, THE VIGILANTE, BATMAN AND ROBIN as Commissioner Gordon, ATOMMAN VS. SUPERMAN as Lex Luthor). Judd Holdren played Rocketman in ZOMBIES OF THE STRATOSPHERE. Released in 2009 by CultRetro.