Dick Tracy vs Crime, Inc. DVD

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Another classic adventure serial from the heyday of the cliffhanger chapter play!! Ralph Byrd returns as fighting G-Man DICK TRACY who is up against the most fiendish master criminal of his cliffhanger career- THE GHOST!! The creepy scientist Lucifer created a machine to render The Ghost invisible through 15 exciting episodes that have Tracy facing cremation, tidal waves, explosions and a bottomless pit!! Based on the popular comic strip by Chester Gould, this 1941 black & white film serial was produced by W. J. O’Sullivan and directed by the great action team of WILLIAM WITNEY and JOHN ENGLISH, and in addition to Ralph Byrd as Tracy, it also stars Michael Owen, Jan Wiley, Ralph Morgan, John Davidson, & Kenneth Harlan. This digitally remastered, regionless DVD version contains all 15 chapters, recorded in NTSC format on two DVD-R discs, and runs almost 250 minutes long.It should play on any standard DVD player equipment.