Dick Tracy’s G-Men DVD

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Irving Pichel plays enemy agent ZARNOFF, the most hated man on Earth. After ZARNOFF is executed via the gas chamber, his gang steals the body and ressurects the spy using a powerful drug. ZARNOFF now vows to destroy America’s defense system in revenge. Now only Federal Agent DICK TRACY and his G-Men can stop him!! Another top-flight adventure cliffhanger as Dick Tracy is up against “The Spy Who Came Back From The Dead”. Ralph Byrd as Tracy (for the third time playing the role in a Republic Pictures serial ) is in great form here once again. The film also stars Jennifer Jones. Directed by William Witney and John English; shot in black & white and originally released in 1939. This is a regions-free 2-disc DVD set recorded in NTSC format, contains all 15 original episodes, and has an approximate running time of 216 minutes. Released in 2008