Federal Operator 99 DVD

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FEDERAL OPERATOR 99 Brilliant and sophisticated criminal Jim Belmont (GEORGE J. LEWIS) launches a wide-spread crime spree that includes jewel robbery, kidnapping and counterfeiting. His chief aide is the beautiful adventuress, Rita Parker (LORNA GRAY). To stop this menace the government assigns Operator 99, Jerry Blake, (MARTEN LAMONT) who teams with pretty Joyce Kingston (HELEN TALBOT) and together they face exploding barns, crashing cars, incineratror flames, roaring propellers and death trap after death trap! George Lewis shines as the high brow master criminal who plans his capers while playing the piano in his penthouse. Lorna Gray previously played arch villainess VULTURA in NYOKA AND THE TIGERMEN would soon change her name to ADRIAN BOOTH and star in Republic’s cliffhanger DAUGHTER OF DON Q. Following that she became MONTE HALE’s leading lady in a series of Westerns. Another well crafted Republic Pictures’ cliffhanger serial in12 exciting episodes loaded with non-stop action and excitement! MARTEN LAMONT – HELEN TALBOT GEORGE J. LEWIS – LORNA GRAY Directed by Spencer Bennet – Yakima Canutt 12 Chapters – B&W – 1945 – Approx. 171 Mins. Regions- free, all-ages,digitally remastered in NTSC format. Interactive Menus – Presented on two DVD-R discs . Includes the original theatrical trailer.