Flying Disc Man From Mars DVD


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From the Depths of space comes a Martian invader who plans to use his advanced atomic weapons to bring Earth to it’s knees!! But aviator Kent Fowler (Walter Reed) and his pretty aide, Helen (Lois Collier), are not about to let that happen. The Martian joins forces with an ex-Nazi, Dr. Brant(James Craven) who enlists gangster henchmen Drake (Harry Lauter) and Ryan (Richard Irving) to combat Kent’s efforts. Can this thrilling war of the worlds be averted? Don’t miss a single exciting chapter. (Please note: This serial picks up on ideas and concepts from The Purple Monster Strikes serial, so while the two serials are not exactly in continuity, they are related.) This 1950 black & white release was produced by Franklin Andreon, and directed by Fred C. Branno, and also stars Gregory Gay. This package contains all 12 exciting Sci-fi chapters, is presented on two DVD-R discs; regions free, in NTSC format. The digitally-remastered program runs 167 minutes. Released by Smarty Pants Entertainment in 2008.