Mysterious Island DVD

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During the Civil War, Union prisoners led by Captain Cyrus Harding(RICHARD CRANE) escape from a rebel prison camp in a hot air balloon. Blown hundreds of miles off course by a storm, the balloon lands on a remote island inhabited by strange creatures and constantly threatened by volcanic eruptions. A futuristic craft piloted by Rulu (KAREN RANDLE), a beautiful woman from the planet Saturn, also lands on this Mysterious Island. Her goal is to acquire radioactive minerals common to this isle and use them to create awesome weapons that could destroy the Earth. Making matters worse for the castaways, a pirate ship with it’s murderous crew join in the conflict. Harding and his men battle these bizarre elements for 15 thrill-filled episodes!! MYSTERIOUS ISLAND is based on a novel by Jules Verne. Directed by Spencer Bennett, also starring MARSHALL REED. Originally released by Columbia Pictures in 1951. This is a digitally-remastered version, presented on two DVD-R discs, regions-free in NTSC format in black and white, woth interactive menus. The running time is approximately 4 hours, and it should play on any standard DVD player. Released by CultRetro in 2009.