Nyoka & The Tigermen DVD

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This is an All-Regions, 2 disk set that includes all 15 exciting chapters of the serial, NYOKA and the Tigermen. See the beautiful serial queen, Kay Aldridge, face death again and again! This set includes some great extras: a photo gallery of 100 pictures and a history of the Nyoka comic book. The evil beauty VULTURA, and her killer group strike the African expedition led by Nyoka Gordon, whose quest is to find the Lost Tablets of Hipocrates. Again and again Nyoka faces death at the hands of savage tribesmen. Nyoka is played by beautiful Kay Aldridge, Vultura is played by Lorna Gray (later know as Adrian Booth) and this serial introduces Clayton Moore in his first ever starring role as the two-fisted hero. Directed by action ace William Whitney, this serial features Davy Sharp in great stunt work.