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Irish McCalla as SHEENA, QUEEN of the JUNGLE in a live- action feature re-edited from four episodes of the classic 1950′s TV series, based on the character who starred in the
long-running Fiction House comic book! In Kenya, Africa, the jungle is ruled by SHEENA (IRISH McCALLA), a beautiful white woman who lives in the wild with her chimp, Chim. But the natives under her protection are about to be victimized. Enter Bull Kendall (BUDDY BAER), a giant of a man who is as cruel and vicious
as he is big. Anything that gets in Bull’s way is brutally struck down by his 18 foot bull-whip… be it man, beast or jungle queen. Helen Kendall (ROXANNE REED), the big man’s wife, is his unwilling accomplice. Joining forces with a sideshow hypnotist, Bull has Helen mesmerized and transformed into a
rival queen, challenging Sheena’s domain. With the natives under her control, white hunter Bob Rayburn (CHRISTIAN DRAKE) and his aids are captured and strung up to face a cruel demise. Can Sheena save her friend, free the tribes and reclaim her position as QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE? Starring: Irish McCalla, Buddy Baer,
Christian Drake, Roxanne Reed
Directed by: Carl H. Hittleman
Produced by Edward Nassour.
Originally released in 1956. B&W, approximately 71 minutes in length.
An all-ages feature, regions-free, in NTSC format. Special Features:
KING OF THE CONGO Chapt. 1 Starring BUSTER CRABBE. Presented on a single DVD-Rwhich should be playable on all standard DVD players.INTERACTIVE MENUS with chapter selections.
Released by Smarty Pants Entertainment in 2011.